Massage & Walk-in-baths.

Choose a massage bath with up to 52 jets to relax your body day & night or a walk-in-bath for ultra low access. You have seen the rest, now choose the best. 15 year guarantee, 24 hour repair service, 100% 5 star feedback. Small deposit. Over 20 years experience. Free phone today 0330 311 0882.

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Ultra Low anti slip walk-in-showers.

Choose a ultra low walk-in-shower enclosure with 15 year guarantee. Optional hand rails, folding chairs and even a built in alcove recess for storage of shower products to prevent any hazardous trips. All our screens are toughened glass featuring a fixed support system. As a company we go above and beyond for all our customers. Offering a 24 hour repair service. Free phone today 0330 311 0882.


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